Kat & Ko Information in English

A pleasant stay for your cats!

  • 16 big rooms with many toys, blankets and scratching poles
  • Floorheating for colder days
  • An outside area to play

The cat pension is located adjacent to our house, so we are able to check on the cats often.

There are themed rooms, such as pirates, princess, sea, Halloween, and jungle. During their stay, they might move a room, if they don’t get along with the other cats. There is a maximum of 5 cats per room, so there is enough personal space for each cat.


Please ensure your cat is vaccinated for Cat Flu, That they are helped against worms, and that they are sterilized/castrated. Bring the animal passport, and leave us a phone number which we can call if there should be a problem.

Opening Times

The cat pension is open Monday to Sunday from 09:00 – 12:00.

The costs are € 10,00 per day per cat. Including the day the cat is brought and picked up.


Our cat pension is located in Rijnsaterwoude, Zuid-Holland. It is in between Schiphol Airport and the city of Alphen aan den Rijn.

On the same area, there is a dog pension. So you can bring all of your animals to same area.

Let us know that you speak English

Not all of our staff members speak English. Please ask all important questions by e-mail, then we will make sure you will get a clear answer.